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‘Basil the Bionic Cat’ is a cross between Inspector Gadget and James Bond with a cat as the hero.

It is a novel at aimed at children between the ages of 8-12 years old but would also appeal to all age groups and particularly to anyone who loves cats.

It tells the story of the Pilkington family’s much-loved tortoise-shell cat, who inadvertently becomes the subject of his owner, Mr P.’s, latest scientific breakthrough – a super strength serum which holds ‘organic bionic’ properties.

However, when a rival scientist becomes involved with a Eastern European Mafia gang in an attempt to steal Mr P.’s latest inventions, the rest of the Pilkington family are put at risk.

Amber and Suzy, Mr P.’s twin daughters, are kidnapped and used as bargaining material in return for Pilkington Industries’ best kept secrets.

Both the Secret Service and Mr P. are on the trail of the Russian spies, but it is down to Basil and his new found sensory powers to track down the villains hideout and help rescue the twins from an unknown fate.




The story of the Pilkington family's much loved cat, who inadvertently becomes the subject of Mr Pilkington's latest scientific breakthrough. When a rival scientist becomes involved in an attempt to steal Mr P's latest invention, the rest of the family are put at risk. Ages 8-12


5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Book!
This review is from: Basil the Bionic Cat (Hardcover)
This is a great book for children AND adults! It has the delightful animal attraction that is appealing to children, but has a sophisticated level of writing that will appeal to adults. It is a real page turner. I couldn't put it down!.The characters are very believable, and are very "real" with delightful interactions and development. Basil, the hero of the story, is wonderful, of course, but all the characters have great appeal.

The descriptions are very imaginative and as a reader I got a real "sense of place" as the adventure unfolded.

The story goes beyond sci-fi and has elements of a mystery novel as the reader tries to guess who is the real villian and how things are going to turn out.

More, the book has some wonderful humor in it, made me burst out laughing at times, and it's got plenty of action and suspense.

The author never "writes down" to her audience, but weaves a tale that is at once compelling and emotionally enticing. We really feel for the characters and their experiences.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am recommending it to all my friends. It is a delightful experience and I hope to see more from this very talented author.

Get the book, you'll have a great time!

5.0 out of 5 starsBasil the Bionic Cat
This review is from: Basil the Bionic Cat (Hardcover)
I have just read this book and I have to say it's brilliant. A rip roaring, page turning adventure from start to finish and completely engrossing. The characters are very original and believable, as is the dialogue and plot, all extremely well paced and put together. Basil is a cat I would love to own, he is super intelligent and has a wicked sense of humour! (that's if cats have a sense of humour) The mice are hilarious too, there are some very funny parts that actually make you laugh out loud. This book would also make a fantastic movie.I just have one other thought, is Basil actually real, does anyone know? Because that would be really incredible if the book was based on a real cat!

5.0 out of 5 stars Basil The Bionic Cat
This review is from: Basil The Bionic Cat (Kindle Edition)
Basil The Bionic Cat book has been great fun to read and couldn't wait to get my paws on it...looking forward to the next one!!

5.0 out of 5 starsI so loved this book! Basil is Pawesome!
This review is from: Basil the Bionic Cat (Hardcover)
I really loved this book, it's a great mix of slick plotting and fast paced action. I know it's aimed for the younger generation, ages 8 and up, but to be honest, I sometimes enjoy younger fiction more so than adult and this book is no exception.

Basil is a remarkably intelligent cat even before the accidental mishap, involving a top secret formula accidentally administered the funniest mouse in the entire history of fiction - if nothing else, just read it for Dwayne.

After the 'incident' Basil becomes the worlds first Organic-Bionic Cat, now if that is not the coolest thing ever, I don't know what is! He becomes more than just a cat, his special skills are too many and in depth to list here, you'll just have to take my word for it, but he is a force to be reckoned with, which is just as well considering the awful sequence of events that unfold from that point on.... I won't spoil it for you, but roller coaster ride it certainly is.

So if you are looking for something fresh, extremely original and non magical, this is the book for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll love Basil.
 So there you have it, if you love cats get my book you won't be disappointed I purromise!


Vile Violetica

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Product Description

‘Vile Violeticia’ is for the 7 - 9 age group.

It tells the story of Violeticia who is a particularly naughty little girl. She has a total disregard for authority and blatantly flouts the rules refusing to learn life's simple lessons.

Until one day payback come with a twist ~ Dreamtime Reality. A bump on the head sends Violeticia to a place she never knew existed and one, where she definitely doesn't want to be ~ the wretched Isle of Phantas Magorias.

Where the nightmares and monsters are real and there’s only one way out, learn to be good or else. The clock is ticking and time is running out, but not just for Violeticia.

She has choices to make, but will they be the right ones?


Tamara's Time Machine

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Product Description

Meet Tamara Merrick. One day she’s just an ordinary teenager. The next, her world is turned upside down as she discovers she is the world’s only teenage Time Traveller, and to make matters even worse, the entire fate of the world now rests in her hands.

Meet Seymour Froggitt. Dealer in Fine Art and Rare Antiquities, whose sole ambition is to become the world’s first Inter-Dimensional Traveller after discovering the legendary Book of the Gods, revealing the lost secrets of the Arkrashian Empire.

Meet Fluke Spawn. Seymour’s partner in crime and, unwitting accomplice assisting in the search for several special artefacts hidden across time known as the Gifts of the Gods.

Little do they know that bringing these artefacts together will result in a


The race is on as Tamara’s adventures take her to the very dawn of time, to Ancient Egypt, the Temple of Ta Prohm in Cambodia, the Patagonian Ice Fields, the Druids at Stonehenge and to the Mystical Red Rock, Uluru, in her perilous quest to save the world as we know it. 

Ages 8 - 12 

Check back as more are coming soon...


Here are the Buy links for my 3 co-authored novels

The Cross of Ramplet 


Cooking Up Customers 

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