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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

More Blogging Tips! Bye Bye Wibiya Hello ShareThis


Welcome to another installment of

Blogger Tips & Tricks

Tuesday Greetings World!

A few days ago I got an email from Wibiya.  Now some of you may not know what Wibiya is, so I will impart that now.  If you look at the bottom right hand side of page, glance down - I'll wait.   Ok, you see the bar with the icons, that's the Wibiya bar and if you click on the 'Share this' button a new bar pops up and gives you the facility to share images and whatever else to various other social media sites with just a couple of clicks. 

(If you happen to be reading this after 31st Dec 2013 - the Wibiya bar won't be at the bottom of the page - in case you're looking and can't see it!)

Anyway, Wibiya sent me an email the other day to say that after the 31st Dec 2013 it will be discontinued, therefore it will be redundant and my blog won't have a share bar any more.

This displeased me somewhat, as I thought how are my readers going to share stuff from my blog now.  So I began my search for a new share bar and this is what I found.

I searched quite a few different sites and compared ease of installation being the primary factor, look and customization between the choices available, and in my humble opinion the following option is by far the easiest to apply to you blog.

Before you can begin, signing up for an account is necessary.  So once you've signed up you can go full steam ahead and build whatever bar suits your audience. Also just a quick note on their privacy policy options:  if you want to opt out of the ShareThis Services - once you've signed up, just click the link, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click 'Opt Out'

The really great thing about ShareThis is that is works on multiple platforms and as you can see from the screen shot below, it can be applied to whatever platform you need.

 This is a really great idea, as many blog add ons are just for Blogger, leaving the Wordpress peeps and other types of bloggers out in the cold.  So for me this is great, as not all of my readers are just 'Blogger' bloggers. 

The fact that you can use it on your website is a bonus too, so that in itself is another plus.

After you've chosen your platform, for me it's obviously Blogger, you get to choose the style of buttons

I like the one on the left. So click on the one you want and then on next.

This is where you get to choose exactly what you want to add 

However if you don't want a bar that spans from here to the moon, you can leave it as it is on the preview at the top of the screen shot, as when you click the first icon on the left, the green ShareThis button a new box opens. 

 Just click 'More' next to the LinkedIn icon and this opens up with every social media icon there could ever be.  Then you can select from this new menu exactly where you want to share.

(Obviously this is just a small selection on the screenshot)

So after you've decided on the look of your bar, click next and you get this

The option on the left is so you can choose to share in more than one place at the same time.  The one on the right enables only one share at a time.  Make your selection and click 'Go'  and as long as you're already signed in to Blogger, the widget code can automatically be installed with one click and is directly embedded into the bottom of each post. 

You can't get easier than that.

So come January 1st 2014 this is what will replace Wibiya on my blog.


I hope you've enjoyed today's post and if you have any questions, you only have to ask or if you have found something else that you think supersedes this, please let me know.


All screens shots are courtesy of  SHARETHIS

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