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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blogging Tips ~ I've found a diamond today - The best thing since sliced bread!

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Blogging Tips and Tricks

I just can't believe what I found on my interwebs travels today!

How would you like to turn your blog into an actual book?

Was that a yes, I heard?  Speak louder I can't hear you!

Of  course you want to immortalise your blog into a real touchable, page turning tome of blogging highlights, personal achievements,  book reviews and photos and the like.  Plus, the real beauty is that is comes in full colour, yes you heard me, full shiny colour.  You can even look through the entire proof, page by page on-line, choose a cover, add photos to the front and back covers. Even dedicate it to someone special.

Options available are: Hard Cover - Soft Cover - Digital Download 

I think that this REALLY is the best thing since sliced bread!

It's so easy too, all you do is type your blog address in the box and click Print my Blog, even my cat could do it, it's that simple!  Make sure that your your blog settings for Allow Blog Feed are set to Full, otherwise it won't work.

I know that perhaps the Hard Cover option isn't cheap, as the more content, the higher the price, but if you wanted to make a gift for someone, I think it would be totally sublime!  The Soft Cover option is only marginally cheaper, so I think I would opt for the Hard Cover.  As for the Digital Download, that would be fine for just testing it out and printing a budget copy at home.

Just imagine, you could start adding your Blogger Books to your home library, all in the same colour, a whole set - in PINK! OMG I must stop before I get totally carried away... there are other colours I might add...

----Brief Pause-----

Ok, now I've regrouped, and my composure is back in control, we'll continue.  But seriously if you've been blogging for a long time, you have the potential to have many many volumes.  I think that is just wonderful, as long gone are the days of the actual encyclopedia, books of knowledge and various other book collections that nearly every home used to house proudly, before the internet made information available on screen instead of paper.

So I bet your thinking:

Hurry up already!  Give me the link! I want to try this out NOW!

Ok, here's the link and don't get too carried away

Here are a few screen shot's of mine

All of this is possible because of the wonderful peeps @

I hope you've enjoyed my best discovery of 2013 so far...



  1. I think pink is nice. All of 'em in pink wouldn't be gettin' carried away at all. purrs

  2. Perhaps you're right, I could alternate with pink and white! LOL

  3. Huh, that would be a nice little gift to myself :)


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